So this happened 

Finally broke down and built a website/ portfolio with an incorporated blog. It’ll be sad not to use WordPress as much but hey things happen. Check it out give it a follow if ya wish:

Sheep Are Counting Me


Little update on the next WIP. Between the day job, the building the galleries in being sold and this I’m drained. 

On to the next jump off 

24″ x  24″ acrylic on canvas

I touch work like I’m Convertible Burt 

24″ x  24″ work in progress. 

I’ll Just Leave This Right Here

New 4′ x 4′ painting from memory. 

Oh First Friday 


Super awesome to see so many familiar faces and old friends. 

Earl Chuvarsky x Daniel House Kelly

 Opening May 29th through June 14th Core New Art Space 900 Santa Fe Dr. Denver Colorado, 80204.

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