It’s Not the Responsibility of the Artist 

To create something with meaning – whether you love it or hate it, as long as you take something away their mission was accomplished. 


Super excited to be showing some work at the sister lounge to my favorite restaurant Beatrice & Woodsley this First Friday March 6th at Double Daughter’s swing by if you’re in the Denver Area. 

All Gold Everything

Warhol Was a Killer



And one with my bull terrier (for size reference.)



Around October of last year I told myself I would stop doing portraits because I was trying to find meaning in things that had happened in my life at that time. Then I realized how many people truly enjoyed them. Sometimes you just have to take the good and bad moments for what they are and not reflect on the past too long.

1984 Bush Finds Cocaine

After a week and a half of working on this Basquiat pretty much non stop after work, I’m finally at a place where I can I take a break and start on something else.


1985 Bush Finds Jesus


“SAMO © is dead”

4′ x 4′ Jean-Michel Basquait WIP


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